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From many decades, the ICETECH team produces ice surfacers to fit the ice rinks all over the world.

In 1994, the ICETECH fabricates an all new model of electro hydraulic ice surfacers.

In 2008, after the first european of ice surfacers has been redeemed, our team has innovated and fabricated the OKAY 3800, an electro mechanical regulation ice surfacer.

Thanks to our worldwide experience and to our different innovations we did all over the years, the ICE TECH team produces in 2010 a new electrical ice surfacer, OKAY ELECTRA all electronic. The simplicity and the ergonomic have been particularly worked on this new model.


I ICETECH is now able to offer you two kind of engines


OKAY 3500 (oil or gaz) is the engine that until today is the best, its amazing capabilities allow OKAY 3500 to get over all the other engines available on the worldwide market.


The society pushed as well its innovation in the electrical sector. Indeed, the orientation for the future is dealing with the ecology and the automatisation, that is why the ICETECH team developed an ice surfacer combining all of those criteria :                                        OKAY ELEKTRA

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